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Hey I'm Jackii. Currently a senior studying photography at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.
Everything here is photographed by me unless stated otherwise.

Click here for pictures taken with: iPhone, GoPro, Aerial, Sony Qx100, DSLR

If you think that you're seeing double of a photo, you probably are. I automatically post my pictures
to my tumblr from my instagram, but often post the full size version to tumblr as well.

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I drove into the city late last night! Even though I’ve lived here for 3 years, it was my first time driving myself in, and driving in #NYC in general! I’m spending the day getting my apartment ready for a whole new year, what are you doing today? (at Murray Hill section of NYC)


nyc apartment - 40th floor by jaclynsovern

Wow over 3k notes! Thanks you guys!

3:00am, aug 21st, 2014. nyc apartment

Drove into the city late tonight! Haven’t been to my apartment in over a month! Time to get it ready for a new school year. Today was my first time ever driving in the city 😊

31st Street (by jaclynsovern)

that view up Lexington Ave that I can never get tired of (by jaclynsovern)

i love to see truck designs in the city (by jaclynsovern)

commute to my apartment snapchat (by jaclynsovern)

Hey everyone! In the next few days/weeks I’m going to try to post a lot of my photos! I’ve been shooting like crazy but never have any time to edit! Now that I’ve edited everything it’s time to make some posts! :) hope you enjoy! and share! 

I only have another week of summer break until I’m back in the city full time again starting my senior year in college, can’t believe summer flew by so quickly!

"This moment will just be another story someday." #jsovslookingup #borntobewild #nature

Did the #alsicebucketchallenge today with @juliefelds & @ashley_420 ! Check my Facebook/YouTube (coming soon) to see the full video! #fromwhereidroneforcharity

I haven’t been to the beach at all this summer! #daydreaming of last summer at the beach in Laguna 😍 (at Table Rock Beach)

Adams Creek cliffdive (by jaclynsovern)

Adams Creek cliffdive (by jaclynsovern)

Adams Creek front space backwards cliffjump (by jaclynsovern)

Adams Creek front space backwards cliffjump (by jaclynsovern)